The world of  Nature  and creating things have always driven my soul.  Combining the two was as natural to me at 7 as it is now.  As a child I found stones, shells, sticks, trees, flowers and soil the most appealing objects to play with.  As an adult I still find that I spend my time interacting with these elements of nature as part of my personal and professional life. (I don’t climb trees anymore...but I really should!!!Actually, I think I will when I see the next perfect climbing tree). I taught school for 34 years and incorporating the environment and art into my child centered program was a natural and authentic way to  connect with the students and meet their needs. Years ago I discovered “grants” and as result, over the years I have written and been awarded many awesome grants through a variety of sources.  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful friends and meet so many new teachers and artists in the area.  I will continue to write grants to enable me to connect with those people and the school kids through artistic and environmental

projects.  I thoroughly enjoy working with teachers, administrators, cultural directors, artists etc. to develop interesting/curriculum/community related projects that will be an authentic experience for their students and all those involved. If you are interested in collaborating on a project or a grant project Please contact me at: or 518-561-5973

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